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My Hero

My hero is Major Takahara from Redlands High School who teaches AFJROTC. I am a student of Major's. He was born in Hawaii and currently lives in Redlands, California. He went to The Air Force Academy in Colorado.

Beautiful Hawaii!!

Major's Setbacks

Major is Hawaiian and was raised in Hawaii. His economic state is in the middle class area. He living in Hawaii set him back and in the long run hurt him in his life because Major did not have ROTC as an option when he was in high school. His opportunities were hindered from the place he lived in.

Peg Word Picture

Major's Inspiration to Me

Major has inspired me in the way he teaches. He has taught the cadets in ROTC to use peg words or words that represent a set of numbers to remember things from presidents to revolutions of planets. But these so called peg words can be applied to every sense of my life. Combining peg words and hand gestures it allows me to expand my brain and retrain my brain from the traditional way of remembering things which is maybe reciting something over and over or writing something over and over. What I can learn from Majors life experiences is to be grateful for having things and to take advantage of the vast resources one has in today's age. Majors way of teaching has had a positive impact on my life and without the idea of peg words and gestures my life would be completely different.

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