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Univeristy of California Fullerton Fullerton California Physics
Univeristy of California Riverside Riverside Computer Engineering
University of California Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Quantum Physics

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  1. Windows 10 Info
  2. Website of The United States Army
  3. Official website of Bethesda Softworks
  4. Website of the Pope and Vatican City
  5. Redlands High School Website
ROTC in Ryans Wheel Cap Me and my Brother Me and my Brother

Hi I'm Colin Morris and in this website I will tell you about me. There will be things such as where I am from and things about my family. My favorite memories from my childhood will be included in this website. I will share my interests and hobbies as of now, what I like to do, favorite music, favorite TV shows, and favorite video games. Some of my beliefs will be brought up, which just state some ideas that I strongly believe in. The last and most important thing that will be included in this web site is where I am headed and what I plan to do in the future as jobs and colleges are concerned.

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This website was developed by Colin Morris as a part of the Computer Science CP curriculum at Redlands High School in Redlands, Ca. It is intended for educational purposes only. Fall Semester 2015-16.